Plug in the diagnostic monitoring device and begin monitoring vehicle health in a matter of seconds



Send relevant vehicle health alerts to anyone related to vehicle operations



Prevent vehicle issues before downtime with automatic maintenance scheduling


Now you are informed before you need to do maintenance on your vehicles minimizing the chance of vehicle downtime

On-board manufacturer level diagnostics

In real time, you get insightful advice based on the vehicle's detected data: mileage updates, engine codes, sensor values and other OBD-II, DTCs, SPN and PIDs serial numbers

Vehicle health summaries

Powerful advice for the fleet manager, drivers, repair centers and all others involved in the maintenance process of your fleet. You vehicles will always be ready for operational duty.

Automated schedules of maintenance services

When potential issues or needed services are detected, the system immediately enables booking the inspection service. You and your trusted repair center are prepared and ready to positively respond at first available convenience.

We focus on your vehicles,
so you don't have to.

Make your deliveries and visits on time more often.


Increase the revenue per vehicle you recognize every year


Increase customer satisfaction by always making visits

Easy, Simple and Accurate

CAARMO Virtual Fleet Manager maintenance tool helps fleet managers who want to reduce fleet downtime. Using real time analysis of vehicle health and by sharing the with service centers, we enable immediate assistance so your vehicle never goes down.

Are you ready to solve your problems before they happen?


  • iOS and Android allows you control from anywhere
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service fits your schedule
  • OBD-2, J-1939 and J-1708 connections for all vehicle classes
  • Issue reporting for a clear understanding of the issue's nature 
  • Immediate assistance from trusted professional repair centers

Works on:

  • Cars
  • Light duty trucks
  • Medium duty trucks
  • Heavy duty trucks

Benefit to you:

  • Focus your time on your business, not vehicles
  • Control spend and budget for vehicle maintenance
  • Reduce total cost of vehicle ownership
  • Extend vehicle life
  • Manage vehicles from anywhere
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