Build a better connection to your customers vehicles.




Increase Visits

Increase your shop's revenue by providing a forecast of what your customers need in an easy way. Your transparency with customers is rewarded because they spend less on break-fixes and get a better focus on routine proactive maintenance.



See customers more often

Serve your customers the way you want and give them the attention they need. Provide instant support for problems and a customized automotive repair experience that only your shop can offer. 

Repair the auto repair experience: overnight

In partnership with you, CAARMO provides you the tools to begin building a transparent service your customers will brag about. It  is simple, most of your customers already have a smartphone and run their life through it. With CAARMO, your shop is not part of their life.

Help your customers:

  • Make decisions about auto repair from anywhere
  • Reduce anxiety about the health of their vehicle
  • Know what to do next and when
  • Plan for auto repairs and maintainence

How it works


CAARMO gives you the ability to provide an unprecedented new level of service to your customers:

  • Alerts - Instant customer vehicle health alerts
  • Mechanics Portal - view of all customers vehicle health from single screen
  • Vehicle Health Record - A running history of a vehicle repairs for each vehicle on CAARMO
  • Smartphone App - A custom smartphone app for your customers (iPhone and Android)
  • Fleet Management - a value add for your business customers (optional)

Increase the chance your customers come back sooner 

Customer satisfaction rating

CAARMO makes maintenance a better experience

Build customer satisfaction ratings far better than the industry average and higher than the best performing shops.

Want to see how CAARMO would work in your shop? 


Increase your repeat customer business by improving the value you provide to customers.


Average Customers Visits per Year

Customers move to proactive maintenance and repairs. You keep them safer and on the road longer.

Eliminate Maintenance Debt

All the potential opportunties to assist your customers that you never knew about.

CAARMO eliminates maintenance debt.  CAARMO provides you with instant information about your customer vehicles and when they need your help most. There is no longer a 3-month waiting period between when they first see the problem and when you can help. Now, with the click of a button, you can help diagnose, comfort or provide the assistance your loyal customers need.


Understanding Maintenance debt

Statistical models show that potentially 35% of customer issues are never brought to your attention. a missed opportunity to help your customers.