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The first wireless health tracker for vehicles. 

A revolutionary new service that improves trust with a CAARMO authorized Service Center


CAARMO helps you build a foundation of trust, security and transparency with our participating Service Centers


 See what your mechanic sees.


Build instant trust


CAARMO partners with the best repair shops across the globe, using a multi-point selection process. builds a better vehicle repair experience through information. We tell you more about your vehicle(s) in partnership with your preferred Service Center. So you can make better decisions, experience greater trust  and a better automotive maintainence experience.


See what your Service Center sees and take the anxiety out of auto repair. Get Empowered and regain control.


CAARMO alerts you when a vehicle needs attention. CAARMO puts the power of information in your hands.


CAARMO extends Service Centers ability to share information with you. Make better, more informed decisions.

Profiles of CAARMO customers


Instant smartphone access

Private information for you:

  • How to better maintain your vehicle
  • How to reduce maintainence costs with your shop
  • How well are you driving
  • How much fuel you used
  • When is your next service visit
  • What a check engine light really means
  • That you have an alert message from your shop
  • About your Vehicle Health Record
  • Communicate in-app with your Service Center or Mechanic





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