CAARMO prevents that.

Businesses with fleets from 2 vehicles to 50+ can't afford to be worried about their vehicle's working. CAARMO Concierge gives you unprecedented visibility into information that tells you which vehicles need to be attended to and when. Leaving your business to run full speed ahead.

Worry less...


Increase your customer satisfaction

A report by the Aberdeen Group shows that monitoring driver behavior can result in an net score increase of 117% in customer satisfaction. Coach your drivers to deliver/ arrive/ produce the best way possible. In fact driver behavior leads in an increase in:

  • 11% increase in service delivery revenue
  • 7% increase in productivity
  • 8% decrease in speeding events
  • 9% reduction in engine idling time


Prevent expensive repairs with better maintainence

For light to medium duty vehicles you can look at paying anywhere from $2967 to $7455 for your maintenance annually. For the average intermediate sedan you will likely spend about $4488 per year on fuel, tire, oil changes and maintenance. The only proven way to beat that number is to get yourself on a schedule to prevent costly repairs. 

Average maintenance costs increase annually

The age of your business vehicles dictates how much money you will spend on it. The older they get, the more you will spend on repairing them. The good news now you can get routine maintenance and oil change notifications so you can avoid the unscheduled events (like breakdowns).

Get operational confidence with CAARMO


How it works:

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  • Instant diagnostic reports
  • Custom monthly vehicle health score
  • Fleet management portal
  • Geo-fencing (Start-Stop) and AVL (Automatic Vehicle Locations)
  • Maintenance interval notifications at-a-glance

Get real-time info about your vehicles


  • Route Management and Tracking

  • Geo-fencing and Dispatch Management (Optional)

  • Trip Logs

  • Vehicle Health management

  • Service reminders

We make vehicle management easy

Three fleet benefits for CAARMO

One solution does it all!

Manage your vehicle better with CAARMO

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