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Now you can

ensure longer life for your fleet

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Plug in our device and begin monitoring your vehicle in real-time along with your preferred mechanical shop


Instantly send real time alerts from your vehicle to all people involved in vehicle operations and management


Maintain vehicle optimal health before compromising vehicle life and preventing expensive repairs 

Key Features

We tell you the best time for maintenance before vehicle life is compromised

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Real-time on-board diagnostics


Insightful advice based on the vehicles data such as mileage updates, engine codes, fuel economy to include OBDII, DTCs and PIDs serial numbers

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Powerful vehicle health reports


Transparent advice for fleet managers, drivers, and repair centers. All people involved in the maintenance process are always prepared for operational duty

Simplified scheduling


Maintenance notifications and alerts facilitate easy booking of vehicle maintenance. Single click approvals and maintenance is performed by a trusted provider, averting downtime

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Reducing unexpected downtime you no longer have surprises in your daily routine and finally you will achieve:


Timely service delivery

enables your vehicles to be stick to the planed itinerary

Extra Revenue

no expenditures for tow truck service or vehicle replacement

Happy customers

without delay your customers will never complain and your reputation increase


What we do:

CAARMO helps the managers who want to reduce fleet downtime by real time analysis of vehicle health and by sharing insightful alerts with service centers in order to ensure immediate assistance.

Are you ready to solve the problem before it happens?


Features and Benefits

OBD2 and Deutsche connections

On the fly (real-time) awareness of vehicle health

Issue Reports

Clear understanding of the nature of the issue

MSP Direct Channel

Immediate assistance from professional repair center

Actual Mileage

Track all KPI in a glance

Custom & Integration

Easy approach to nnovation while still keep your actual asset

Call us now or call the tow truck later


Service Centers

Deliver better service to your customers